Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's National Crochet Month!

Until about a week ago, I never knew that crochet had its own month of recognition!  Just knowing that there is an appreciation of my passion is inspiring me to create new things.  Of course, added minutes of sunshine this week has helped boost my spirit, too.

I've taken steps to participate in this year's weekly farmer's market, and begun to make designs that I can stock up on.  This has me VERY excited.  Who knows what will sell, but I'm starting out with organic cotton string market bags, purses and wallets.  The first week, all customers will receive a 10 percent off coupon  for their next purchase and an "extra" item. 

Each week I'll run some sort of charity promotion, too.  Maybe do a summer-long crochetathon, taking pledges per item, such as a baby cap (for the hospital) or bookmark (for the library), or stuffed animal (for the zoo).

Can you tell National Crochet Month has me jazzed?  This month, visit a handmade site like Etsy or Craftgawker, and appreciate the talented crochet artists there!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hold Your Cards and Wear Your Heart

CreateCrochet Etsy Team member magnoliasurprise has contributed this handmade card holder to the HeartsforHaiti shop!  Remember that your entire purchase is sent to Doctors Without Borders Haiti relief fund.  Please shop generously and often!