Saturday, March 19, 2011

Making New Friends

This week I explored some commercial store sites looking for employment/career opportunity tips and ended up making some great new friends!  I opened an account in the JoAnn Fabrics community portion of their website, requested joining a few groups, and sent a hello message to all members in one of them: Crochet Addicts Anonymous.  So far I've gotten very friendly greetings back from so many great folks who I feel will become wonderful people to know.  And they totally understand my crochet fetish - the best part!!

Have you explored any other places to make friends on the web who also crochet and understand the compulsion?  Do share!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

There's A Lot of Gray in Being Green - Part Two

More questions to consider when trying to be environmentally friendly with crochet:

If I order fiber from places too far for me to drive to, is it shipped separately, or can I have it delivered to my local store combined with a regulary delivery?
Some yarns I can only find online where I live.  Take Caron's Simply Soft Eco or Red Heart EcoWays.  None of my local craft stores (Michael's, Walmart and JoAnn's Fabrics - all big box stores) carry acrylic yarns with  recycled content.  My Michael's does carry two lines of organic cottons in limited colors, and non-organic USA-made Lily worsted weight cotton yarn, but no other yarns with recycled, repurposed, recovered or organic content.  Thankfully, more stores are now offering to ship individual product orders to the nearest store instead of directly to my home.  This way, it can be combined with shipments that would be going to the store anyway, requiring no separate truck use to get it to my house specifically.  Then, I can pick it up when it is convenient for me, and when I'm combining my own trips around town. 

Does the yarn producer incorporate ecofriendly practices and materials into its labeling and packaging?
I look for yarns that have simple labeling and low-impact packaging. More and more frequently, I'm noticing labels produced with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled paper content, as well as labels that indicate the paper is made from sustainably managed forest resources. I truly appreciate that producers are doing this, and letting me know by printing it on their labels! I'd love for them to tell me they're using soy/veggie ink for printing, too...

to be continued...