Thursday, September 24, 2009

Projects in Full Swing

I really felt stalled there for awhile earlier this week.  I had some back pain flare up and I ended up losing sleep, so less motivation.  Fortunately, healing and sleep has helped me over the last two days, and I am glad to say I'm making progress on all fronts!

I am SO happy to have finished the water panels for the otter afghan.  They look really neat, but just seemed to me to take forever to do.  The result has me thinking of using the technique for bags and other afghans, though - when I don't have urgent deadlines.  Last night I finished the first green panel onto which I will applique cattails, and hope to finish the second tonight.  Then it's only the "clam" panel and I can put them all together.  Very exciting!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Been Busy and It's All Good

The past week was a blur.  I finished and mailed a purse order (SALE!) that sold as a result of showcasing it on my Etsy site.  The sale is a definite boost to my confidence.  I also managed to finish the first of two water panels for the otter afghan, and make a small DS/card deck/small items bag for my son's friend that he can wear on his belt.  Think I'll make more of these to sell with an option of a long shoulder and/or shorter wrist strap.  Great for kids and BOYS.  Boys are hard to crochet for!
It's a change of season, and my mind is spinning with ideas and projects.  Other than the auction items, I must begin in earnest on things for my planned holiday open house (date undetermined as yet, but likely shortly before Thanksgiving).  I'm thinking many easily whipped off items that will be popular as stocking stuffer gifts, like cowl scarves, hat and scarf sets, the little bag mentioned above, spa sets, etc.  Also a couple of larger items that I've had listed for sale, but have not moved, like the Bloomin' Baby Blanket and market bag sets.

Makes my day:  Today I've already received compliments on my peach short-sleeved sweater that I am wearing to work - the first clothing item I've dared to wear in public.  It's perfect for days like today - cool but not cold - and is SO soft.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Row Here, A Row There

Long periods of time to crochet have been nonexistent these last few days, much to my frustration.  There's so much going on - school open houses and orientations, shopping for school clothes and supplies, birthday parties, soccer practices, etc., etc. scattered at intervals.  Up, down, up, down, go, go, go...

The only way I get any crocheting done in these times is to settle for a row now, a couple of rows later, even a half a row before it's time to go again.  Though difficult because of the stop-and-go, I am seeming to accumulate stitches on a regular basis.  Keeping things neatly folded next to the end of the couch where I usually sit to work helps.  I'm almost done with the gray rock panels for the otter afghan already.  Mercifully, I decided on a zigzag popcorn pattern rather than a fabric full of popcorns!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Afghan Under Way - Thinking Otters!

While I wait for my Knit Picks order to arrive so that I can continue working on the tablecloth project, I have begun a new afghan that I plan on donating to our local zoo for their auction fundraiser. It's inspired by their newly completed otter exhibit!

I'm making panels representative of the otters' world - gray rocks, wavy stream water, wetland grasses and cattails, and clam shells. The border will have dark brown otter footprints on a tan background. I'm very excited about this project because it's a fun original design and I have a chance to do something good for a great local cause. Our zoo is truly a jewel in our community.

This year, I'm also contributing a fancy black clutch purse to our local day care center for their auction, and an undetermined item for our local land trust's auction. I'm hoping that at some point some custom work and purchases at my web site might result. In any case, I'm having a great time making unique, inspired creations.