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As with most things in life, there are many shades of ecofriendly green out there.  Below is a compilation of links I have found, in no particular order.  I offer no reviews or recommendations - these are just sites I have found and compiled for the sake of having them available if needed.  I hope you find these helpful.  Please don't hesitate to suggest that I add a great site that you've found and is not here yet.

Each of these businesses have their own principles and practices regarding what is or is not acceptable as an ecofriendly material. My goal is to provide as many options as possible, with the view that the greater the support for all ecofriendly, the greater the support for very ecofriendly, too.

Darn Good Yarn
Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal support their families and gets rid of waste. Recycled silk yarn, recycled silk sari ribbon, reclaimed linen and cotton, banana fiber yarn, wool yarn, hemp, nettle and funky fibers.

Fiber Organics
Organic and sustainable materials for knitters, crocheters and sewing enthusiasts. Hemp, bamboo, soy, wool, organic cotton, silk fibers and more.

Heart of Vermont Organics
Great source of organic fabrics, as well as organic bedding and home cleaning products.

Near Sea Naturals
Providing high-quality and delightful sustainable fabrics and notions, plus all sorts of great information about ecofriendly fibers, sewing, knitting and crocheting patterns and kits, and much more.

The Wool Peddler
Yarns, spinning fibers and equipment, kits and patterns, needles, cases, paper goods and leaded glass. Large selection of recycled sari yarns, banana silk yarn, handspun hemp and nettle, wool and silk yarn for dyeing, and alpaca yarn.

EcoButterfly Organics
Ecobutterfly's mission is to provide knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers with a very high quality green source for all kinds of certified organic cotton yarn, hemp and fiber with a focus on vegan and fair trade. Also found here are arts and crafts accessories that are strictly eco, organic and/or recycled only.

Etsy Studio
LOTS of supply sources for every maker.  You can search for all sorts of ecofriendly supplies easily and searching by locality can help you find someone who is near you.  I have ordered from crochetgal, thoughtful rose, phoenix yarns, and other shops with much success.

Scrumptious yarns, including a good selection of organic cottons.  Geared primarily for the knitter, as the name would indicate, but with some crochet hooks, accessories and patterns.

Textiles and apparel made in the U.S.A. using bamboo fiber.  Lots of information about the pros and cons of bamboo.

Quince and Co
This company makes lovely wool, alpaca, cotton and other natural yarns and pretty patterns for the modern knitter. Dedicated to producing yarns responsibly.

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