Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Into Fall

A couple of weeks ago, as we returned home from soccer game, I looked up and out to an amazingly colorful sunset over Lake Ontario, and noticed that the clouds had that autumn 'look.'  You know the one.  It's hard to describe, but I know it when I see it.  The purples in the clouds are a little darker, grayer, defined than earlier in the week.  And there was just that slight touch of 'nip' in the air.

Each time a new season begins to edge itself in, I swear that the new one is my favorite.  But, truly, fall holds a special place in my heart.  I think it's the richness of the forest scents that emerge, the deeper shades of summer colors, and definitely the crazy quilt colors of autumn trees in my area of the country.  Fall means putting those cozy sweaters and sweatshirts on when the sun goes down, campfires that are actually needed for some warmth, and a return to a familiar school/work routine.  The coming of fall means the savoring of every last vestige of summer, too.

What does fall mean for my crochet work?  Moving from small summer purses and totes to more serious bookbags, from skinny cotton scarves to fluffy cowls, from lightweight jewelry to mittens and fingerless gloves. Fall means deeper colors, thicker, warmer fibers, more intricate textures, and a wonderful new feeling of discovery as I turn to new ideas and materials.  I'm looking forward to making some projects with alpaca, for instance.  The yarn I purchased this summer hasn't quite begun to speak to me yet, but I can hear it starting to whisper as fall approaches.  And I love working with the huge range of hues available in soft acrylics, thicker organic cottons, and heavier, repurposed yarns.  Yes, the change of seasons is upon us, and it inspires, thrills, and entices!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Most Cherished Handmade Possession

My most cherished handmade possessions have always been clothes that my mother sewed for me as a little girl.  Although I no longer have them at hand, I remember them fondly, and love looking at childhood pictures of myself and my siblings wearing Mom's hard work.  I remember her painstakingly bending on the floor upstairs, smoothing fabric, pinning the pattern pieces, cutting them all out, and finally sewing it all together.  Usually in the summer.  Usually on hot days.  Everything she made was perfectly styled for each of us - favorite colors, items, patterns, etc.  We got much harder to please as we became teenagers, so Mom stopped sewing clothing much for us.  But she had taught us how to sew for ourselves by then, and had prepared us well to satisfy our own trendy whims.

There was also an old quilt that I used on my bed that was made by my grandmother (I'm pretty sure).  It kept me so warm in winter!  As squares wore out one by one, we would use scraps from the clothes my mother had sewn for us as replacement squares.  So in one quilt, I had all this family history and love rolled up into one piece.  I'll have to look for that quilt next time I'm at my mother's house and maybe start a new round of appreciation with my boys!

Thanks to the CreateCrochet Team for this question of the week, and the trip down memory lane!