Friday, November 9, 2012

Linda Grows A Craft Business

This summer sure flew by!  With little to no rainy market days here (drought), I found myself mighty busy on a regular basis.  In August, I expanded my enterprise from one steady market day a week to three.  This meant three 10 hour days in a row, counting driving, setup, selling, takedown and followup administration.  It nearly killed me, but it was also lots of fun meeting all those new kindred spirits selling their wares and making new customer friends!

On 'at home' days I worked on my online shop, researched marketing and business stuff, crocheted like crazy to make new inventory and restock, and worked my other job as resident house tidier, taxi driver for teens, and minder for my resident elderly and very spry mother-in-law.  OK, I also spent a bit of time on Facebook, but maintaining and cultivating those relationships and keeping an all-important presence online are important business tasks, people!

Now we're in the middle of the holiday craft fair schedule and I can hardly believe it's here already!  I'm out there every Wednesday at a historic indoor market in my small city until just before Christmas, and have set up at two one-day weekend events so far.  Three more events and six Wednesdays to go before the after-holiday lull, when I'll have time to breath and test out all the new designs I've been wanting to try!


  1. Hi Linda,
    I found you through Crochet Dreamers Etsy team, your name Crafty Nature Lady caught my attention, so thought I drop you a line. I find it interesting you are growing a business, something I've long thought of doing, and yet somehow it seems daunting. Where, When...what is the niche all that stuff. Anyway...perhaps you will be of inspiration..and a friend who enjoys crochet...

    1. Hi Faith!
      Thanks so much for leaving me a comment and introducing yourself! I feel like starting my business was similar to having children - so easy to be intimidated, but so fun to actually do. For either one, I don't think you can ever be fully prepared! What is your favorite thing to make?