Saturday, October 26, 2013

What? Summer's Over Already?!

I have been revisiting my online sites and realized that it has been WAY too long since I posted here!  I seriously cannot believe how fast this past spring and summer flew by for me.  What a blur.  A good blur, but a blur nonetheless.  Which is why I really have to post here more often to keep track!

A major development this summer was my having the opportunity to expand my inventory in a magical little shop where I sell on consignment - An Eclectic Boutique in Carthage, N.Y. 

The boutique carries a little of everything from a variety of handmade vendors, mostly local artisans:  healthy olive oil based soaps, lotions and balms (made on premises!), antiques in the form of furniture,housewares and decor, vintage clothing and linens, vintage and handmade jewelry, beeswax candles, locally produced foods, hand crocheted accessories (of course), and so much more!  The only real way I can describe An Eclectic Boutique is that it is as if someone emptied only the best of what was in your grandparents' packed attic, cleaned and repaired it all, and arranged it for your treasure-hunting pleasure.

Even better than the wider exposure for my goods, due to this opportunity, are the connections I've made with fellow crafters and businesspeople, being able to support them while experiencing their support and encouragement as well.  I am continually learning something new and valuable through my engagement in this community, and I am so very grateful.

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