Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cold Weather Crochet Mojo

Even though I'm supposed to be working on spring and summer designs to have ready for the upcoming seasons, I can't get myself to switch gears just yet!  It is fortunate for me, then, that there is still time for me to get in some last gasp winter hats, scarves and mitts with Valentine and St. Patrick's Day themes before I must move on!

I'm still loving the colorways of Lion Brand's Amazing yarn.  This yarn is just over half wool, blended with acrylic, for warmth and softness.  It is wonderful to work with.  The hats and cowls I've made this year with this yarn have been customer favorites.  Great photos here:

One more week to get my cold weather crochet mojo used up, and then it's on to spring and summer!

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