Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ecofriendly Yarn Hunt!

I am on a serious hunt for additional sources of ecofriendly yarns!  I am specifically looking for fiber grown and processed in the USA, but I am not limiting myself completely to USA products.  I am investigating buying wholesale supplies in order to offer the yarns themselves to my customers over the coming year, in addition to my finished items.  So far, I've found some really interesting ventures, and I will post here as well as on Facebook about them as I go.

First, I'll start locally (for me):  Home Again Farm, 37098 Schell Road & Route 26, Theresa, NY 13691-2226; 315-628-5302; http://www.homeagainfarmalpacas.com/

Home Again Alpaca Farm was originally established in 1831 as a dairy farm, and is now owned and operated by the family's sixth generation.  They converted to alpaca farming in 2005, and have a current herd of 20 alpacas. The farm also grows grapes for local wineries.

Home Again encourages "slow, 'drive by' viewing" or calling to make an appointment for a full farm tour and personal introduction to the alpacas.  Schools and organizations are encouraged to visit!  Experiencing the farm is truly a joyous treat - I wrote about my family's 2010 visit here:  http://lindagibbshandmade.blogspot.com/2010/05/our-visit-with-alpacas.html

The farm also has a lovely gift shop that offers yarn and roving made from the fur of the alpacas on the farm.  The yarn is processed near Syracuse, about 100 miles away.  If you are not a fiber artist or crafter, they offer many finished items made with alpaca yarns by both local artisans and by artists in collectives in South America, supporting alpaca and human well being in Peru.

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