Saturday, November 14, 2009

Open House A Success! Etsy Sale Continues...

My first "event" was slow, but successful, nonetheless.  It's nice to feel like I've had an official start.   Thanks to Mom, Joyce, Cathy, Carla, Norah, Felicia, Adele, Tammy, Kathy and Meri for your moral and monetary support, and for showing up.  A big thanks also to my DH Peter, Ruth, Eric and Ethan for helping out so much to make the house a welcome place for guests.  If nothing else, the house looks GREAT, and we'll eat well for the next couple of days!

I learned that I can pull something like this off, although it was much more work than I thought it would be, and that the things I make are generally appealing to people.  Everyone who came did buy at least one item, which was gratifying.  I've taken a number of orders for things in specific sizes and colors, so I'll be keeping busy over the next two weeks and more.

I have a few items still on discount on my Etsy site as part of the CreateCrochet Team's weekend event and continue to list new items.  At least one online sale this weekend from the shop would be nice.  I think the top sellers have worked up a large following of people who buy online.  Thankfully, my Facebook page has helped quite a bit to keep me in the minds of my friends and family for gift orders!

For tonight, I'm exhausted and am going to go crack open a beer before turning in. 

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