Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Open House Almost Here!

Friday, November 13th from 5 to 7 pm and Saturday, November 14th from 3-7 pm at my house and on my Etsy site!  10% of proceeds will go to my local food bank.

Since my last post, I have been preparing for this weekend's open house in between work, a quick-moving cold/flu illness, kids' school activities, soccer, keeping up my Etsy site, cats, yard work, cleaning and home improvement.  I'm a little panicky at this point, yet excited.  I've already gotten an order from someone who won't be able to come to my house this weekend.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday and I have the whole day off from my day job.  We'll be paying a bit of respect to veterans, and then the extra time will allow me to do a deep clean of the first floor, pass out announcement cards to neighbors and friends I haven't run into yet, take product photos and create Etsy listings, and tag all my stuff.  Maybe I'll even get a few more things completed for sale.  Maybe.  The boys have sworn to help out, since they'll be home tomorrow all day, too, and I've allowed them to have two friends stay overnight tonight ;b.

SO... I've put an announcement on Facebook, Etsy and Ravelry, and plan to repost on Thursday night.  I've got a guestbook and labels for all my items (applying tonight, tomorrow and Thursday), card signs for the tables with prices, a reminder about placing orders, and order forms (will print tonight).  I've got tablecloths for the display tables, and the food all figured out (grocery shopping Thursday night).  I've got candles to make the place smell good and look inviting.  The boys have cleaned off the front porch.  Must decorate...need a receipt book...put that new bookcase together...figure out how to hide our old worn couch (all Wedneday)... hope the new curtains for the front porch arrive on Thursday and put those up...shelve books we want people to take away with them as a bonus... get cash for change...  my mind spins and spins!!  Thursday night is going to be a late one, I'm thinking.

But I'm SO excited, too!  I'm finally taking a definite step toward making my dream a reality.  After this I'll be looking for local craft shows and farmers' markets I might take part in on weekends here and there.  Wish me luck...  and BUY SOMETHING PLEASE!

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