Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chemo Caps and Comfort

For the next two months, my amazing CreateCrochet Team on Etsy is supporting one of our members as she participates in a Relay for Life event in June.  We are making chemotherapy hats and other comfort items that cancer patients, survivors, and/or their loved ones can purchase at her booth at the event, with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.  Some of us are going even further by identifying items in our shops that, when purchased, will be donated to a local cancer treatment center or hospital, with the money collected then donated to Relay for Life.

I have known just a few people in the course of my life who have had cancer.  I knew that cancer is fairly common.  But when members of the CreateCrochet Team started naming people who they would like to have remembered during this event, cancer's prevalence and impact was made starkly clear to me.  As was the need for many more of us to take on the burden of raising awareness and funding to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. 

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