Monday, April 5, 2010

Pick of the Day

So all last month, no matter how hard I tried to keep up with weather forecasts, I was never wearing the appropriate amount of clothing.  I was either sweating because I'd expected cooler temperatures, or freezing because, well, it was warm that morning so I didn't wear a sweater!  Oh, March.  How fickle you were.

And now it's April.  Summer, apparently.  NOT prepared again.  I have found it very hard to settle on a crochet project each day with these rapid weather fluctuations!  For me, that means that whatever yarn I have on hand is just not right for what I want to do... so yarn shopping has become a daily ritual, much like going to the market to find fresh produce for tonight's dinner.

This technique can be quite productive, if I am able to use up the day's pick before the next day rolls around.  LOL.  I've got to get some shelves and organize my collection, so that those older selections stay fresh longer and I can transform their raw energy into useful, lovely items before being tempted by the newest harvest elsewhere. 

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