Monday, July 4, 2011

OMG My Market Bags Are Selling!

OK, so all of you who follow me or check my past posts know of my struggle with selling my market bags.  This summer at the weekly farmer's market I decided to hang them more prominently in my booth.  I bought two shepherd's hooks that clamp onto a table and hung the bags between them on an old expandable curtain rod I had laying around.  The first week, nada.

Then I decided to give away a paperback book with any purchase of a market bag, addressing two challenges I face:  1) selling the market bags and 2)getting rid of paperback books I've read that are cluttering up my home (good reads, though, in good condition).  Well - that did the trick to bring a little attention to the bags.  I don't think the book giveaway necessarily was the biggest incentive, but the "today's special" sign and the reference to the beach is what I think got people looking more closely.  I sold 4 bags that day!  Success :D!

Last week I did not offer a free book, but turned the display so that the end of the display faced the sidewalk, allowing passersby to see the front of the end bag.  And I sold 3 more bags!  What a relief!  One woman could not decide between two of the bags, and said she could only afford one (good feedback on price).  She returned later in the day saying the vendor further down didn't have the produce she needed, so she spent that money on the second bag!

These bags being the inspiration for my going into business, I am vindicated at last!  Now to restock...

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