Monday, August 15, 2011

New Designs and Changing Seasons

I've just designed my own wrist cuffs for Captain America and Spiderman fans! I'm very excited about them. My farmer's market face painting neighbor paints incredible renditions of these superheroes on kids' faces each week, so I thought I'd try something to complement her work. Making some pretty wrist cuffs, too, because I just can't resist the girly.

I've been working all summer to create cool designs for hotter weather, so I'm finding it difficult to start working on hats, scarves, gloves and holiday items.  As a customer, I always find it annoying that retailers rush the seasons so - with Halloween and Christmas already on the shelves!  But as a crafter, I'm finding I really need to start way ahead of time to make sure I have enough inventory for the busy season of online buying and craft shows. 

What makes you crazy about or lights you up in anticipation of the changing seasons?!

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